A lesson in subtlety

by corruptionandcoverups

They care little for the masses,

For whoever wins– left or right,

The outcome is always the same,[1]

The haves have more, and the have-nots have less,[2]

Debt– the ultimate form of slavery,

Subtle, invisible, non-physical, panhuman,[3]

Pandemonium, the world in uproar,[4]

Hope, the eternal harbinger of light,

Cynicism fades—only for awhile,[5]

Global in vision, international in implementation,

The shadows run wild with glee,

One man’s panic, is another [Gold]man’s paradise,[6]

Technology the great liberator, only if we choose wisely,[7]

Moderation discarded when change is due,

The crossroads for humanity lies within our hearts and minds,

Terror will be their only solution,[8]

So, one must abandon all notions of being terrified.

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