The War Conspiracy

by corruptionandcoverups

This war is not a conspiracy in the traditional sense,

If it is, then it is an open one,

They knew, we all knew, and even if they did not initially, we certainly know now,[1]

Almost one thousand lies in fewer than three hundred and sixty-five days: a record like no other,[2]

Even the most establishment of types admit to the falsity– but not the tragedy,[3]

History will remember bitterly those leaders who beat the drum so, despite deeds decrying those seeking truth as inane,[4]

The ruby richness of the innocence, spilled so profusely through such ancient and wondrous cities, was not too high a price to pay for the black gold,[5]

The spread and ironic strengthening of those you sought to destroy,[6]

A future pretext, perhaps? or a genuine mistake?– only time will tell,

War crimes are for the poor and powerless, peace prizes for the merchants of death,

War is a racket,[7]

Death: the great equaliser,

Happiness felt remembering that all things pass, both good and bad,

Justice comes in the form of time– she waits for no man,

The deep, dark past will be remembered,

But only for as long as we choose to acknowledge our role in the desolation of a country once considered a paradise.

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