Deep Politics, Dark Duals, and the Terror like no other

by corruptionandcoverups

Once upon a time, we were free—or perhaps free from anxiety,

But this freedom was not to last, the net spreads information like no other,

Flies were bound to be caught,

If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is not power but powerlessness,

The red pill was difficult to swallow; its bitter aftertaste could not be replaced by sweeter foods,

Terror, it seems, was not as it appeared to be,

The Guardians,[1] paid to protect and serve, instead chose to feast and manipulate,

Can the entity social scientists call ‘the state’ be to blame for such nefarious activity?

Were not certain individuals involved, deep, dual, parallel, existence within the comforts of officialdom,

The enemy of one’s enemy is an opportunity,

International relations theory cannot contemplate, let alone explain, the nature of such profound malfeasance,

When does organised politics become organised crime?[2]

If security is paramount, then the Guardians are not secure, and the public even less so,

They must be overthrown,

But not in the same way that they have overthrown our rights,

Judgement is never final, (social) science is never settled,

Psychological warfare, more accurately called state terrorism,

A military ruse turned against the public,

The flags that rise up are false,[3]

To state such things is blasphemy, to know is to be insane,

To demand answers is to be unpatriotic, to love is to be inane.

[1] deHaven-smith, Lance. The Guardian Elite. Presentation at Public Administration Theory Network’s 23rd Annual Conference in Omaha, Nebraska May 20-23 [ p.13].

[2] Tilly, Charles. War making and State making as Organised Crime in Bringing the State Back In edited by Evans, Peter, et al.(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985),  pp.169–191.