Deep Happenings of a Dark Politik

by corruptionandcoverups

A general despair,

Hope changes only the most cynical,

Machinations insight, justice far from certain,

Imperial might, only an abandonment of the illusion of control could make the powerful powerless,

Snow[den] and Man[ning], both falling  as hard as expected,

The winter is wet in England and cold in the US,

Partners in crime like no other,

The rise of concrete evil, supported and funded by those wealthy few who seek control over the soul of man,[1]

Though the sun silences itself,[2] perhaps embarrassed to shine such wonderful light onto our world and reveal the true nature of power in this long and forgotten episode of history,

Nonetheless, it only takes one ray of light to push back the dark politiks,

A momentum built by Snow and Man, all true to reason and justice support—knowingly or unknowingly – the continuation of said momentum until the deep happenings of our time are vanquished like darkness before the dawn,

Madness is simple,

Deep, dark, disturbing politics can be a puzzle like no other,

Security is important, even to those who seek eternal freedom…

[1] Preparata, Guido Giacomo. Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich (London: Pluto Press, 2005) & Sutton, Anthony C. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (Russet: Claireview Books, [1976] 2010).

[2] Morelle, Rebecca. Is Our Sun Falling Silent? BBC World  Service, January 18, 2014 [].