The First and Last Freedom

When reading and writing become a myth, the people will finally know true bliss.

Month: February, 2014

The winding road of a tin hat

It would have been easy to forget, if the evidence wasn’t so abundant,[1]

It would have been plausible to stop, if the pain hadn’t changed one’s nature,

The long night of innocence has drawn to a close,[2]

Behind closed doors the pandemonium awaits—its ugly head eager to emerge from the shadows,[3]

Yet, it’s not satisfactory show them the facts,

Talk is cheap, and those who refuse to see and hear must be made to feel,

The endless machinations turn madness into sanity,

If all is manipulated, then the societal norm is one of malfeasance,[4]

The corrupt no longer guilty, the free no longer just,

If not insane, then quite clearly inane,

The winding road of the tin hat rarely recovers from such a deep fall,

The masks of the madmen conceal their democide,[5]

Control is their game,

And they must not win.


A lesson in subtlety

They care little for the masses,

For whoever wins– left or right,

The outcome is always the same,[1]

The haves have more, and the have-nots have less,[2]

Debt– the ultimate form of slavery,

Subtle, invisible, non-physical, panhuman,[3]

Pandemonium, the world in uproar,[4]

Hope, the eternal harbinger of light,

Cynicism fades—only for awhile,[5]

Global in vision, international in implementation,

The shadows run wild with glee,

One man’s panic, is another [Gold]man’s paradise,[6]

Technology the great liberator, only if we choose wisely,[7]

Moderation discarded when change is due,

The crossroads for humanity lies within our hearts and minds,

Terror will be their only solution,[8]

So, one must abandon all notions of being terrified.

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Do the shadows really move of their own accord?

Unaccountable and unseen,

Their rules are their own,

Their course is unknown,

The light of day would be sublime,

Harrowing cries of unimportant politicians, the likes of which are themselves in the dark,

The public’s burden is not a lonely one,

Riddles in the dark, placed purposefully to sow confusion, and perhaps discontent,

The secrecy gives them power, but in reality shows us how fragile they really are,

Light, simple and abundant, would be more than enough to wash clean their sins,

But their curtain is thick and their shadows quick,

Not even the best investigative journalist could penetrate the deepest caverns of the dark state,

Yet, plurality is the rule not the exception,[1]

Too many who peruse the net get caught in a web of lies,

Though their black shield is strong, the parallel networks are treacherous,

Internal, Machiavellian machinations briefly revealing the players surrounded by smoke,

There is not one cabal, one conspiracy, but many,[2]

Too many to count or record,

Thank goodness for ego, greedy and self-centred by its nature,

If there were one grand-conspiracy, unchallenged and unchecked by internal disputes,

The fate of humanity would be paved with hopelessness,

The records of their misdeeds have trouble finding the light of day,[3]

Thus, it is up to us to help those records become illuminated,

The legacy of Man[ning] and Snow[den] fall heavy on insiders’ shoulders,

Their consciences must grow heavy, as their pockets line with blood,

Only the most psychopathic of humans could survive in a realm where innocence is destroyed on a daily basis,

Their war on legitimacy is far from over,

The deep state shall not overcome our [re]public.


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The War Conspiracy

This war is not a conspiracy in the traditional sense,

If it is, then it is an open one,

They knew, we all knew, and even if they did not initially, we certainly know now,[1]

Almost one thousand lies in fewer than three hundred and sixty-five days: a record like no other,[2]

Even the most establishment of types admit to the falsity– but not the tragedy,[3]

History will remember bitterly those leaders who beat the drum so, despite deeds decrying those seeking truth as inane,[4]

The ruby richness of the innocence, spilled so profusely through such ancient and wondrous cities, was not too high a price to pay for the black gold,[5]

The spread and ironic strengthening of those you sought to destroy,[6]

A future pretext, perhaps? or a genuine mistake?– only time will tell,

War crimes are for the poor and powerless, peace prizes for the merchants of death,

War is a racket,[7]

Death: the great equaliser,

Happiness felt remembering that all things pass, both good and bad,

Justice comes in the form of time– she waits for no man,

The deep, dark past will be remembered,

But only for as long as we choose to acknowledge our role in the desolation of a country once considered a paradise.

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Deep Politics, Dark Duals, and the Terror like no other

Once upon a time, we were free—or perhaps free from anxiety,

But this freedom was not to last, the net spreads information like no other,

Flies were bound to be caught,

If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge is not power but powerlessness,

The red pill was difficult to swallow; its bitter aftertaste could not be replaced by sweeter foods,

Terror, it seems, was not as it appeared to be,

The Guardians,[1] paid to protect and serve, instead chose to feast and manipulate,

Can the entity social scientists call ‘the state’ be to blame for such nefarious activity?

Were not certain individuals involved, deep, dual, parallel, existence within the comforts of officialdom,

The enemy of one’s enemy is an opportunity,

International relations theory cannot contemplate, let alone explain, the nature of such profound malfeasance,

When does organised politics become organised crime?[2]

If security is paramount, then the Guardians are not secure, and the public even less so,

They must be overthrown,

But not in the same way that they have overthrown our rights,

Judgement is never final, (social) science is never settled,

Psychological warfare, more accurately called state terrorism,

A military ruse turned against the public,

The flags that rise up are false,[3]

To state such things is blasphemy, to know is to be insane,

To demand answers is to be unpatriotic, to love is to be inane.

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Deep Happenings of a Dark Politik

A general despair,

Hope changes only the most cynical,

Machinations insight, justice far from certain,

Imperial might, only an abandonment of the illusion of control could make the powerful powerless,

Snow[den] and Man[ning], both falling  as hard as expected,

The winter is wet in England and cold in the US,

Partners in crime like no other,

The rise of concrete evil, supported and funded by those wealthy few who seek control over the soul of man,[1]

Though the sun silences itself,[2] perhaps embarrassed to shine such wonderful light onto our world and reveal the true nature of power in this long and forgotten episode of history,

Nonetheless, it only takes one ray of light to push back the dark politiks,

A momentum built by Snow and Man, all true to reason and justice support—knowingly or unknowingly – the continuation of said momentum until the deep happenings of our time are vanquished like darkness before the dawn,

Madness is simple,

Deep, dark, disturbing politics can be a puzzle like no other,

Security is important, even to those who seek eternal freedom…

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